Episode 2: Mon Dieu, It's Jumping Flash 3!

June 13th, 2020     

Jumping Flash made a splash in 1995, when it was the first 3D platformer to hit consoles. But did you know there’s a third game in the series, released only in Japan? Today’s all about the Jumping Flash series, and more specifically, the personality-packed Robbit Mon Dieu for the PlayStation 1.


The game opens with a pre-rendered cutscenes of various citizens of Hanauma looking up at Universal City Hall.
The map from which you select which mission to play is a tourist map!
Though the environments often aren't too intense in their art direction, the game looks quite beautiful at times.
Before and after each mission, you get a fully voice-acted cutscene, packed full of character!
The MuuMuus return!
A request addressed from the “Great Weasel Gang”. In it, they explain that they've kidnapped the president's daughter, and that if you don't play and win their “game of horror”, they'll… pour flour on her!!!
One of the many newspapers.
One of the Dot Snack shops, in which you can spend your hard-earned Kiwi (the currency of Hanauma) on snacks that come with Dot Cards.
There are 100 Dot Cards! One of them is a reference to the antagonist of the second game.
The Dot Cards are so bizarre. They're all short animations of random objects. The early 3D age was wild.
Gathering branches to feed the fire so we can roast sweet potatoes.
The volcanically fried eggs are back!
One of the airier courses.
The classic cannon pig is back in one of the stages where you reenact the first game!
We got bosses.

Music used in this episode

  • Jumping Flash – Jump In The Grassland!
  • Jumping Flash 2 – mix of Rap La Muu Muu and Rap La Muu Muu (Techno Mix)
  • Jumping Flash 2 – World 1, stage 2
  • Robbit Mon Dieu – Various
  • Jumping Flash 2 – Captain Hausu
  • Jumping Flash 2 – Aloha’s Secret Base
  • Jumping Flash – Boss Genie Machine
  • Jumping Flash – Boss Aloha Robo